The world has gotten a lot more complex with the digital age. Across politics, government, and business, transformations driven by new technology are creating both new opportunities and new challenges for engaging with the public. In the face of pressing issues, leaders across the globe have to find new ways of reaching, inspiring and moving people.

Polaris Leadership Summit aims to provide political strategists, public affairs professionals, public sector communicators, and technologists a platform for exchanging ideas, benchmarking their work, and celebrating achievements that help set new standards for leadership in a connected world.

Global Trends

Keynotes and panel discussions exploring the global social, political, and economic shifts shaping public opinion and political action.


Local Perspectives

Case studies from around the world providing insights and learnings from the field.


Strategic Communication

Issues and best practices in political campaigning, public sector communication, and issue advocacy.


Technological Innovation

Visions for the use of new technology in political communication, public engagement and governance.