Prof. Paul Baines

Professor of Political Marketing and Deputy Dean (Strategic Projects), University of Leicester School of Business

Prof. Paul Baines is a Professor of Political Marketing and Deputy Dean (Strategic Projects) at the University of Leicester School of Business, UK and a Conservative Councillor and Cabinet Lead Member for Investment at Charnwood Borough Council in Leicestershire, UK. Paul’s research focuses on political marketing and propaganda. He has co-written and co-edited 27 books on (political) marketing topics, including the SAGE Handbook of Propaganda (SAGE, 2020, with Nicholas O’Shaughnessy and Nancy Snow). His research has been published in inter alia the Journal of Business Research, Psychology & Marketing, Marketing Theory, Journal of the American Statistical Association, and European Journal of Marketing. Paul has conducted strategic communication research projects for various UK government departments and research and consultancy work for large enterprises such as Glassolutions Saint-Gobain, IBM, 3M, and others. He is currently a Non-Executive Director at the Business Continuity Institute and Director, BainesAssociates Limited