Valerio Riavez

CEO and Co-Founder, Electica

Valerio co-founded Electica with Jim Arkedis in 2019 with the goal of bringing the best data and technology to progressive campaigns worldwide.

Electica specialises in digital targeting through programmatic advertising using a proprietary platform, Advocate, which allows campaigns to target their key target audiences anywhere online with hyper-precision and in a GDPR-native way.

Since 2019, Electica has worked in 38 countries, leading campaigns for politics, advocacy, and public institutions. They have been involved in the most relevant elections of the last three years including national and local elections in the USA, UK, Italy, France, and Germany.

Prior to his experience in political technology, Valerio worked at the nexus of finance and policy between Milan and London, where he specialised in risk management.

He holds an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, an MPA from the Harvard Kennedy School, and is a lecturer at the London School of Economics.